Experience AI in Action

NVIDIA AI offers complete end-to-end workflows that deliver the performance, efficiency, and responsiveness that is critical to powering the next generation of AI solutions. Whether it's creating more engaging chatbots and virtual assistants, providing smarter recommendations or building vision AI applications that understand what they see, NVIDIA AI is the go-to platform. Experience NVIDIA reference applications and use them to kickstart your own development efforts.

Clara Holoscan Surgical Video & Ultrasound Pipelines
Surgical video segmentation can be used for various use cases such as providing real-time guidance to the surgeon, surgical analytics and more. Ultrasound AI can be used to provide guidance to a clinician at the point of care, and for Ultrasound guided surgery. The sample applications in this demo run AI pipelines on real time streaming surgical video and ultrasound data.
Metropolis - Multi-camera Tracking
Giving perception to machines and smart spaces often requires understanding physical space that spans multiple camera views. In this application, we will showcase multi-camera tracking and re-identification of objects using NVIDIA Metropolis Microservices - a collection of containerized microservices and applications.
Metropolis - Self-Checkout AI Copilot
Building vision AI apps to recognize many objects in a constantly changing environment, like retail, is challenging. This demo will showcase a reference app, built with Metropolis Microservices, that empowers existing checkout kiosks with few-shot vision capabilities.
Project Tokkio
An interactive avatar reference application for delivering immersive customer service experiences.