DemosClara Holoscan Surgical Video & Ultrasound Pipelines

Clara Holoscan Surgical Video & Ultrasound Pipelines

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What to expect when launching the demo

Once the application is launched you'll be able to run AI pipelines on streaming surgical video and ultrasound data. Select "Start AI Pipeline" to start the AI pipeline. What you're viewing is a live stream of a surgical or ultrasound video, with real time inference generating an overlay on the video that can assist a clinician. You will see the AI generated segmentation output is rendered as a green overlay on the original video. You can stop the AI pipeline at any time by selecting "Stop AI Pipeline".

Technology used

The Surgical Tool Tracking & Ultrasound Segmentation pipelines are built using Clara Holoscan, and deployed to AWS using UCF tooling. Check out the Clara Holoscan web page to learn more.

Hardware needed

1x GPU – Turing or better